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The future solution for the creation of the interiors


Augmented Reality based sales toolkit

PRESENTINAR introduces highly effective yet affordable to SME-like furniture producers novel Augmented Reality based sales toolkit that will allow video conferencing with sharing virtual 3D furniture models in the real environment.

AR Sales Toolkit

Our approaches

Key novel approaches that PRESENTINAR uses to deliver the product are:

Our approaches

Pioneering AR experience for salespeople to see real consumers’ environment and place the virtual 3D model of the furniture in this environment

Supervised ML-based proprietary algorithms to create 3D models of furniture - consumer sees all virtual 3D models and even can operate with it - change the size, color or any other options

AR headsets create new opportunities for interior design, and beside with deep immersion, it gives the highest accuracy of position

Disrupt the industry

Furniture catalogs are old-fashioned and limited in their reach and effectiveness. Large expos only allow having a selected number of furniture pieces to show.

PresentinAR gives the customer a feel and quality of different products, it helps a buyer and interior decorators see how an item fits into a room and generally help build a classic prototype of the possible future of space. PresentinAR allows users to select and evaluate items using a dimensional tool to check the size and configure a furniture set that fits directly into space.

PresentinAR will significantly contribute to increasing the effectiveness of sales & service processes within the seller companies. Innovation is critical to the future of furniture manufacturing. Augmented Reality is the Game Changer in the furniture trade.

Disrupt the industry

Breaks the barriers

PRESENTINAR will also benefit people with disabilities, as they will be able to check and try furniture without hustle inconvenient conditions.

This will ensure their fundamental rights as dignity, autonomy, inclusion, but also secure full and effective participation of the 80 million people with disabilities living in the EU on the furniture market.

Breaks the barriers

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Project coordinator

Serhii Tikhonov


Oleksii Burkun

System architect

Product Manager

Mykhailo Kochetov

Chief Marketing Officer

Olga Teslenko
Our Team

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Softengi is a Digital Transformation Company working for more than 20 years in the IT market. Softengi knows how to comprehend business purposes, address challenges and to provide appropriate solutions in the best way possible as we have completed more than 900 projects so far.

Softengi has been leveraging the best practices and standards for years already. And that is noticed by our customers who choose us as one of the top 100 companies in the world according to IAOP for five times in a row. Our commitment to information security standards has been approved with internationally recognized certification ISO/IEC 27001:2013. We also confirmed our excellence in Quality Management System verified by ISO 9001 Certification.

PresentinAR was founded as an internal project inside Softengi XR (extended reality) center of excellence base on a dozen digital twin projects and implemented the idea of disruption of the old fashioned furniture sales process. A digital twin is a 100% accurate 3D replica of the product created based on CAD and CAM sketches. The majority of our users implement digital twins as a marketing solution for visualization and promotion.

Powered by the Softengi
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